Scandic Sit Stand Desk

This standing desk is the best investment you could make to improve business productivity and efficiency by reducing risk of work-related back injuries, providing a healthy workplace, improving employee morale.

The Scandic Standing Desk’s sleek design and robust features will add dignity and distiction to your work environment. The perfect desking solution for someone with a back problem as they can alternate between sitting and standing as the need arises.

With a height adjustment from 610mm to 1260mm and a weight capacity of 130kg.


Smooth Quiet Motor

This Scandic has a low-noise electric motor in seconds adding to user comfort.   This quiet motor seamlessly elevates your sit stand desk in seconds, allowing you quietly change from sitting to standing position as you require.


Boosts Productivity

Increased movement boosts energy, improves circulation and welbeing resulting in increased concentration.  Being able to easily change your posture with the resultant increased blood flow makes you more alert and able to problem solve quicker and easier.


Changing posture will also lesen fatigue and improve your motivation to work smartly.  Many people report feeling rejuvenated and happier in their work.


Long Term Solution to Back Problems.


Because the Standing Desk allows change from sitting to standing so simply and easily it will results in you changing your posture many times throughout the day.  This is a good preventative measure as movement promotes the elasticity ofi ntervertebral discs, improved circulation and activates the back muscles.


Many of for those with back problems find it easier at times to stand, at other times they may find it less painful to sit.  The standing desk allows you choose which way you wish to work at any given time.

Sturdy and Robust Design.

The Scandic Sit Stand Desk is designed with safety in mind.  It has a capacity to lift 130kg.


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