Acoustic Phone Booth BuzziHood

Acoustic Phone Booth

BuzziHood, designed by famous designer Alain Gilles, is an acoustic hood that you can hang on the wall to create an acoustic phone booth.

If you are looking for an acoustic solution to answer the phone in peace in noisy surroundings, then BuzziHood is a right choice. With this acoustic hood for telephone, you won’t asking anyone at home or office to repeat themselves. This looks very stylish and can installed anywhere in offices.

When you are in the acoustic phone booth, you can talk on the in peace in noisy surroundings. BuzziHood is perfect for open spaces including open offices, schools, airports, bus terminals, and cafeteria.

The acoustic hood for telephone also enhances your mobile experience.

BuzziHood is developed by Belgian company BuzziSpace, whose products brings silence and style to the office, houses and other collaborative spaces, are becoming very popular worldwide. To make your day-to-day life better and enjoyable, the company has been working to combine aesthetics and noise reduction using the sound-absorbing eco-felt in the designs. Based out of Antwerp, Belgium, BuzziSpace operates worldwide, with showrooms in Chicago, Atlanta, Sydney, London and Rotterdam.


Acoustic Phone Booth Specifications

– 710 x 750 x 1070mm

– Wall mounted

– Flat or 3D inside

– Fabric or Rough upholstery

– Option to add tablet and to have bicolor

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