HAG H09 Executive Chair Inspiration

The HÅG Executive Collection represents unbeatable comfort and exclusive design. These are high-quality chairs that respond to your every move, providing excellent support and balance. With their advanced functions and features, and choice of sumptuous leather, working long hours will seem like a luxury.

There is a grown-up sophistication to our HÅG H09 , with its tall back and elegant silhouette. But don’t be fooled by the classic exterior. This chair is just as modern as the rest of the H09 collection, with cutting-edge ergonomic technology concealed beneath that classic body.


HÅG’s BalancedMovementMechanism in the chair back boosts oxygen and blood-flow through the body by encouraging natural movement while sitting. This is designed to keep the user alert and energised – not a bad thing for a long day at work.

HAG’s BalancedMovementMechanism ensures full freedom forwards and backwards as the chair follows your every movement. Tilt resistance is adjustable and lockable in 3 positions. The adjustable height neckrest as standard (high back version only) provides excellent support for the neck during long periods in your chair. The adjustable height lumbar support as standard provides maximum support of the lumbar spine for users of different heights.

The chair has multi adjustable HAG Tiltdown armrests as standard providing support for the arms and shoulders. Tilt down, height and width adjustable. The H09 comes in standard matte black or a polished aluminium footbase with sloped footplates which are very strong and durable. Available in Elmosoft leather or shiny worsted Text Uni wool – comfortable and stylish choices. Available in low and high back versions depending on the users requirements.

Come view our range in our Dublin and Tipperary showrooms.  We provide ergonomic design solutions to Ireland’s largest companies and visit in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Limerick and Waterford regularly.  Call 01 6110 200 for to arrange a visit or ergonomic site survey from our ergonomic consultants.

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