HAG H05 Executive Chair

The H05 from HAG is a traditional take on ergonomic seating. This NeoCon Gold award-winner, and winner of many other awards around the world, is beautifully simple in its approach to adjustments. The familiar height and tilt adjustment lever and wheel will let you quickly adjust your seat to what feels best. The HAG H05 has exceptional and unique simplicity of adjustment, and a traditional aesthetic to match.


The HÅG H05 includes many of the features one expects from a classic HÅG chair. What’s more, it incorporates smart functionality that lets you adjust the seat depth, back height, and forward and backwards tilt resistance all at once. Ease of comfort and movement is what it’s about.

  • New users will find it almost instantly adjusts to fit them, as if it was made to measure. A single control adjusts back rest height, seat length, and tilt tension. The backrest shape is our ideal blend of lumbar support plus flexibility to allow muscle movement.
  • Experienced Users will find they use the chairs to move with them, increasing their calorie burn, stimulating lymph flow, and dramatically improving the way they reach for items around their desk.


The chair’s pivot system is in the centre of the seat, making it very different from other chairs. This allows users to control the chairs forward and backward tilt by the movements of their upper body. Controlling the chair is intuitive and fluid.

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