HAG SoFi Task Chair

HAG SoFi is a unique designer task chair which will forever change your concept of sitting. At its core our unique InBalanceMovementMechanism™ intuitively keeps you in balanced and continuous motion, without you having to think about it. The modern HÅG task chair inspires you to vary your postures. Not only your body and arms, but your legs also.


A HÅG is crafted for tasks and for creativity. It is a fusion of Scandinavian holistic design, ergonomic philosophy and environmental pioneering. It is unlimited movement for people and businesses– The HÅG movement.

This best in class task chair has a centrally placed tilting point intuitively keeping you in balanced and continuous motion. As the seat and the backrest are linked together, the seat front rises when you lean backwards and stimulates your ankle movement. The seat lowers as you lean forward to work. Keeping you awake, alert, collected, creative, animated.… All that you have to be during a workday.

HÅG SoFi makes a statement. A fashionable designer look for the colourful work environment, modern, trendy and a bit daring. HÅG SoFi – a chair that surprises, using contrasting colours to accentuate details and lines. With a playful attitude it challenges and inspires. HÅG SoFi has it all comprising of Sleek headrest stem, easy adjustment through high end, tactile controls and intuitive adjustment of seat height and seat depth. This modern task chair collection is designed to be customised meeting your individual needs and wants.

The task chair is documented as pioneer in sustainability both within quality standards and environmental performance. Products are tested in accordance with a number of international quality standards for functionality, dimensions, finish and durability. And we always excel.  It is today the most sustainable task chair collection in the industry, compared to other chairs with similar functionality and comfort. Components mainly consist of recycled and recyclable material aiming to continue as best in class.

Compliant with EN 1335 and all Irish and European health, safety and quality standards.

Come view our range in our Dublin and Tipperary showrooms. We provide ergonomic design solutions to Ireland’s largest companies and visit in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Galway, Limerick and Waterford regularly. Call 01 6110 200 for to arrange a visit or ergonomic site survey from our ergonomic consultants.

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