Bench Style Canteen Table

he BuzziPicnic table is a versatile table that can either serve as a common eating table, a gathering point for group interactions, a temporary working space, or just as a workbench.

It will typically be used in common spaces and see its function evolve according to the hour of the day and the needs of the people.  A place to have breakfast or share coffee, a place to come and sit with a laptop or tablet to change air and focus on a specific task, a place to eat with others and relax at lunch time, a place to organise a quick discussion with a college in the afternoon hours, a place to share a pizza when projects have to be finalised…

The idea is to play with a typology that reefers to pleasurable moments in life.  Typically a picnic table makes one think of the summer and good times shared with friends.  It is a non-conflictual, friendly and informal gathering tool…  It brings into the office a stress-free furniture typology that will hopefully help foster communication in the office.

Its discreet but easy access flaps allows for a quick and non intrusive connectivity to a power source and internet thanks to some “quick access flaps”.  As for the grove in the table it serves as an instant stand for tablets and smartphones.

The straight models can be used side by side thus creating long graphic rows of table… while the “Round” versions define a new typology of workbench when used as a permanent workspace.  It creates a very different dynamic while at the same time offering the same functional flexibility as the standard one. The round version defines a new typology of workbench. Thanks to its central rotating plate common office tools can easily be shared… or seasonings such as salt and pepper when used as a gathering and eating table…   When used as a workbench, the round version will comfortably accommodate 5 people. Of course when used as an indoor picnic table up to 8 or 10 could share a moment together.

The “Split-Level” version of the BuzziPicnic table enables people to work on two different levels around a same common table. Each side offers a different table top height, one side is at normal chair height, while the other is at standing or high stool height.  This “Split-Level” picnic table offers architects new possibilities to define new interactions in a space and between people.  New logics and possibilities that partially still have to be dreamed-up and invented….


  • Desk/Meeting Table
  • High Bench
  • Side Bench
  • Work Bench (oak finish stocked in Australia)
  • Seat Bench
  • Cable Entry Ports
  • Solid Oak or Ash, clear, stained or lacquered
  • Optional HPL top
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