Acoustic Breakout Pods by Gävle

Acoustic Breakout Pods

Acoustic seating pod dressed in fabric of your choice with matching piping. The acoustic seating pod is designed to absorb sounds and offers a place for a casual meeting where more privacy is needed.

The form-cut sitting pad is made of environmental friendly sound absorbing polyether. The sofa can be combined in different configurations. The pillows can be made in different fabrics

Acoustic Breakout Pods Specifications


– Outer size: 1410mm, depth: 800mm, height: 1440mm.

– Inner size. width: 1330mm, depth: 760mm

– Sitting: height: 450mm. Sitting depth: 490mm

-Pad: 150mm

– Screen thickness 40mm


– Sit-pad in form cut polyether. Thickness: 150mm


– 8mm sound reducing MDF board with a 40mm MDF-frame. (Nordic Ecolabel)

Acoustic Filling

– 2 x 15mm sound absorbing HR60-Polyether (Ökotex) on 8mm sound insulating MDF.

– Pad in form-cut polyether 150mm. Pillows in two sizes


– 2 square legs 30 x 30 x 30mm per screen. Powder coated chromium


– Waterbased glue.


– Blazer

– Other fabrics are quoted


– 100% recyclable

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