Acoustic Desk Privacy Screen from Floor by Jürgensens

Developed by Jürgensens. The company specializes in acoustic screens and maximizing workspace as a response to the global trends of open spaces and smaller work surfaces.

To address noise pollution in open spaces, the company offers office acoustic screen wall, mounted acoustic desk screen, acoustic walls for desk, and acoustic tower booth.

The Screen is a sound-absorbing wall/ceiling screen. This mounted acoustic desk screen can also be used as a pin bulletin or memo board. The screen can be customized with a dozens of fabric colors, zips and seams.

Screen Booth dividers are connected with a zipper. The mounted acoustic desk screen can mounted on the desk. It can be installed with clamp or with pins above or through the desk. Side screens width is a standard 800 mm. The screens are zipped together to form a booth. Heels are included. The booth screens are with seam.

Frequency Desk Screen is a stylish rectangular desk screen and is an acoustic walls for desk. The screen is a good sound absorber with a total thickness of 50 mm. Developed by Johanson Design, this product is also available as a floor screen.

Founded in 1984, Jürgensens develop and manufacture products for the office, conference and hotel sector. The brand is a leader in acoustic screens and maximizing work space. The company’s products are a very good choice in the office, hotel, conference area, schools, shops, cafes, airports, waiting rooms, hospitals, sports centers, private homes, recording studios and more.

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