Ergonomic Design Consultancy

Ergonomic Design Consultancy

Experienced & Qualified Consultants


Our highly experienced ergonomic consultants will work with you to develop an ergonomic, optimised, future-proof workplace that dramatically reduces your real-estate costs, absenteeism costs and increases your companies productivity and profitability.

We will examine your business needs, speak to staff across departments to understand departmental needs, analyse your technology, analyse how staff interact with their environment and equipment and communicate with each other. We all want beautiful work spaces but this should not come at the sacrifice of ensuring the correct ergonomics for the space.


Most costly ergonomic mistakes are made in the design phase


Our ergonomic furniture consultants advise on what is most appropriate for how the space will be used, the range of users, how you need it to function and what YOU want it to achieve. We’ve been fixing the ergonomic design mistakes in Ireland’s largest companies for over 15 years. We focus on the needs of your project and advise at the design phase, so critical mistakes aren’t made. Our ergonomic consultants work with interior designers and architects to get the balance between design and practicality to provide a comfortable and engaging environment to employees and visitors alike.

What makes a piece of furniture ergonomic?  Is one good piece of furniture surrounded by poorly designed equipment really going to do you enough good? We take a holistic approach to office interiors because nothing exists in a vacuum. We consider all of the smallest details but always focus on the big picture. Ergonomics is  about making workspaces fit the people that use them rather than making people adapt to poorly designed environments. Everything needs to work together, and it needs to do so around the most critical component, your body.


Future Proofing Designs – Flexible, adaptable, practical, employee focused design


We are a non-aligned contract furniture provider. This lets give  independent advice and choose the best solutions for your company’s needs from   independent, high quality manufacturers, as we are not leading you to one specific manufacturer.  We work with the best.

Work environments are constantly evolving. We help companies to future proof their new work spaces. Technology is engineering movement out of daily lives; we focus on designs and furniture encourages natural movement and dynamic working positions, that are needed to avoid pain and aches and improves concentration and energy levels.

The right environment will help keep staff healthy and improve their productivity. We will help you to find furniture that mixes design and practicality to provide an environment in which employees and visitors alike will feel comfortable and engaged.


A good chair is an office worker’s most important tool


Our expertise and knowledge will make sure your seating meets your criteria of functionality, design and cost.

  • Ergonomic consultants work with you to understand your specific requirements and advise on what is most appropriate.
  • We insist on product training to ensure that every user gains maximum benefit from their new chairs. A chair is only ergonomic when it is set up correctly.


If you are carrying out an office refurbishment project or creating a new office space, and want to ensure you get the best ergonomic advice, why not get advice from one of our ergonomic furniture consultants on 01 6110 200.

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Ergonomic Design Stylish Solutions

We focus on future trends in the office environment, not focusing only on what is being done currently.We create stylish work environments but not at the cost of functional, flexible and employee focused spaces.

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