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Acoustical Measurement Technology


We use Acoustical Measurement Technology to analyse existing office acoustics to determine the most suitable acoustic product and furniture solutions for acoustical problems. Office acoustics have a direct correlation to worker productivity. Workplace studies cite noise as the most significant distraction and controlling office noise levels is a priority for all companies.

Acoustic furniture can be used to create private or social spaces within the contemporary open-plan office. They have been designed to define areas of relaxation, concentration for brain storming, having informal team working sessions or meetings.  Our range of sound absorbing furniture are specifically designed to absorb assist with disturbing office sound in highly reverberant open plan offices.

Office acoustics are a crucial element of any office design, our acoustic engineer can advise and help you to improve the office acoustics in new office fit outs and refurbished office designs. We can test on-site and on materials and furniture will achieve optimal acoustic levels.  We will improve the acoustics of the workplace but do so in matching the theme.


Sound conditioning, our expertise


There are two types of acoustics, sound proofing and sound conditioning. Sound proofing means keeping the sound in the room and sound conditioning usually means controlling the sound that’s in the room. Sound conditioning is our main focus we care about how the “sound of the sound” sounds in our room. We use the most advanced technologies in the furniture and fittings we put into spaces where managing the sound is important.

We use a range of acoustic products to control the sound in work spaces. Our acoustic consultant assess the current office acoustics and assesses what the function of the space will be to determine what are the best acoustic products  to achieve what the space requires. We use acoustic wall panels, acoustic carpet, acoustic boards, acoustic screens, acoustic foam tiles, acoustic ceiling tiles, acoustic pods and acoustic seating to control the acoustics within the room.


If you have issues with the acoustics in your office or are you working on a new office refurbishment, speak to our acoustic consultant today – 01 6110 200.


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