We help companies understand their employee requirements and provide Beautiful Furniture to create spaces that are both functional and comfortable.

Task Chairs

HAG Futu Mesh NEW

The HÅG Futu mesh 1100 has a breathable transparent backrest, keeping your back cool via constant ventilation. It features our latest HÅG in Balance® movement mechanism, which keeps you in…Read More»

HAG SoFi Mesh Task Chair

The HÅG SoFi range was created to meet changing human needs in workplaces that were evolving at pace. This evolution meant that workers increasingly needed tools and solutions that empowered…Read More»

HAG SoFi Task Chair

HAG SoFi is a unique designer task chair which will forever change your concept of sitting. At its core our unique InBalanceMovementMechanism™ intuitively keeps you in balanced and continuous motion, without…Read More»

HAG H05 Task Chair

Best in class ergonomically designed HÅG H05 is not only the perfect seating solution for achieving movement and variation – it is also brilliantly simple, all you need is a…Read More»

HAG Futu Task Chair

HÅG Futu is an ergonomic task chair that is simple, elegant and very intelligent. Design wise it is a breath of fresh air in a world of sitting machines. Less Formal…Read More»

Ergonomic Design Stylish Solutions

We focus on future trends in the office environment, not focusing only on what is being done currently.We create stylish work environments but not at the cost of functional, flexible and employee focused spaces.

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