We help companies understand their employee requirements and provide Beautiful Furniture to create spaces that are both functional and comfortable.

Free Standing Desks

OP Switch

Switch is a linear bench system for the modern office. With the ability to create bench desks of any length by simply adding a 2 man add-on module switch is…Read More»

OP Polo

Polo Polo is a system built on a 4 pole style legs with a full metal supporting frame. The legs can be adjusted by turning the threads in the foot…Read More»

OP Mito

Mito Designed by the Italian architect Simone Bernocchi, the brand new executive furniture series Mito combines white lacquered elements with the synchronous 3D structure plate of light and dark sycamore. Reproduced…Read More»

OP Komo

Komo With a variety of desk sizes, Komo is a highly flexible system which allows for a multitude of workstation configurations from executive single desk layouts to large open plan…Read More»

OP Grand

Grand Strong, Classic, Versatile are all words that encapsulate the essence of Grand. From the desks with 41mm thick Desktops with leg integrated Pedestals to the hidden storage within the…Read More»

Ergonomic Design Stylish Solutions

We focus on future trends in the office environment, not focusing only on what is being done currently.We create stylish work environments but not at the cost of functional, flexible and employee focused spaces.

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