HAG Capisco Boardroom Chairs

The HAG Capisco boardroom chair is the original saddle chair, designed around the seating posture of the horse rider. No one sits as actively as a rider in the saddle. When you work sitting on a HÅG Capisco task chair, you’ll be inspired to greater freedom of movement, variation and new natural sitting positions. The saddle seat gives you an upright posture maintaining the natural curve in your lower back. This results in you putting no extra pressure on your back, helping to relieve and prevent back pain.

The contemporary  HAG Capisco task chair has received a number of awards for its modern designer qualities and characteristics.

Great Seat Height Adjustment

You can adjust the seat height from a normal desk sitting height to a semi standing position.  Making it the ideal office chair suited to work surfaces at different heights and for use with a height-adjustable desks, which means it will fit in well with your office environment.

Seating Variation 

You can sit equally comfortably forwards, backwards or sideways on the Capisco.  Allowing you stay comfortable while changing your seating position to suit the task in hand.

Adjustable Backrest

Backrest can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and seating position, improving comfort.

Unique saddle seat with BalancedMovementMechanismTM

The shape of the seat and the chair mechanism allows you sit in a balanced position and to move easily forward or backwards.  Always remembering your next position is your best position.

HAG Capisco exhibits sustainability using upholstery selections from momentum Textiles’ collections of recycled fabric and PVC-free vinyl. Constructed of recycled and recyclable materials (there is an afterlife). Interchangeable components extend the life of the product. HAG Capisco holds key quality certifications such as  the Environmental Product Declaration (ISO14025) and SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certified.

Compliant with EN 1335 and all Irish and European health, safety and quality standards.

Come view our range in our Dublin and Tipperary showrooms. We provide ergonomic design solutions to Ireland’s largest companies and visit in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Galway, Limerick and Waterford regularly. Call 01 6110 200 for to arrange a visit or ergonomic site survey from our ergonomic consultants.

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