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    Your office chair is has most likely become one of the most important objects in your life right now. Considering  81% of us spend on average 4 to 9 hours a day seated at our desks. The way we sit will start to effect our comfort, concentration and well being throughout the day, even if we are consciously aware of it or not. 

    There are a few things that you should take into consideration to find the ideal chair for your space. Harvey Kempton, a desk chair specialist suggests considering these factors: 

    – Start from the beginning, what is your working day like? 
    – Do you use computers often? 
    – Do you copy type?

    Also take into a count , where your keyboard and mouse is located and how is your paperwork being supported ? The chair you want should be able to support your working positions to help you provide you with comfort throughout the day. So it’s important to factor these in to your decision making before you buy. 


     PI PULSE ERGONOMIC CHAIR €379 ex VATBudget Home Office Chair Ireland

    The PI Pulse Ergonomic Chair is a great value multi-functional office chair designed to support health and performance. The seat slides to help support short or tall users and the mesh back provides breathable support. 

    It has a range of motions including height and tilt adjustable mechanisms giving you postural variations whilst sitting and helping you to find the perfect sitting position! The PI Pulse Ergonomic Chair is simple in design but is the perfect addition to your home office. 

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    HAG Capisco 8106 €965 ex VAT 



    Created in the Eighties by legendary Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, the HAG Capisco 8106 desk chair is plush, playful and brings an essence of style to your home. 

    Its saddle-shaped back and tactile footrests encourage you to experiment with how you’re sitting, which could well make it a smart choice for people who like to move about while they sit.

    It’s great for perching – a position achieved by raising the height of the seat and sitting forward. You can also give yourself a nice breather by leaning right back on it, which is extremely relaxing once you’ve learnt to fully trust the chair.

    One of our most popular chairs here at KOS Ergonomics it really is a chair that allows you to bring comfort home. 

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    Logic 400 Office Chair €981 ex VAT 


    This classic desk chair has set the bar for support and relief since the Seventies. It’s super-adjustable. The arms can be turned or slid back and forth to find the ideal support, the back angle can be altered independently of the seat, and there’s even a hand pump enabling the user to set the amount of support given to the lower back.

    If you’re looking for a highly adjustable chair to support you through your long, hard shifts, this could be the one. Another advantage of the logic 400 is its robustness. Its metal legs feel strong, stout and made to last, and the seat can easily be unclipped and replaced if damaged. It’s probably one of the best chairs on the market but “shhh, we never said that …”

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