Tips To Manage Newly Remote Workers

        Defining remote working Remote working is a working style that allows employees to work at a distance outside the traditional office premises. People have the flexibility to work at home or anywhere in the world. The trend of remote working has grown since the development of IT. Like, laptops, smartphones and handheld devices. Remote working benefits both the employee and the employer by cutting down on costs and time, allowing flexible working and improving work efficiency. But it also comes with it’s own health and safety hazards, from working in isolation to a lack of control…Read More»

Small Home Office Spaces : Big Ideas!

        Kasia Rutkowiak is full time interior design writer and blogger based in Poland. Spending much of her adult life living in Denmark, she has a lifelong love of the Scandinavian lifestyle and design, which heavily influences. As well as running popular blog My Full House, she has had articles and pictures published in many leading Interior design magazines.   Having recently renovated her home workspace, we spoke to Kasia to get some design tips on creating your own home office, especially when you have limited space.   We love your home office, tell us all about it…Read More»

Design History : The story of Grey

        There is something deeply alluring about the colour grey. Neutral and emotionless, yet strong and timeless, grey is a colour found in design throughout the ages. Celebrating this most enduring colour, we take a look at the history and symbolism behind the colour grey.   The meaning of colour The various shades of the colour grey are seen (and felt) as cool, neutral and balanced. They also evoke feelings of power, of lasting. In her book Colours for Your Every Mood, Leatrice Eiseman notes “The greys represent solid strength and longevity, an association stemming from the colour…Read More»


The challenges your employees face when working from home

      If we take a deeper look into the current headlines, its not so clear when people are asked specific questions about the elements of working from home and that there are some alarming differences between their home working activities and environments to their office activities and environments.   On a positive note, for those who are currently working from home, some aspects those that are most important are much more supported at home than in the office. Individual focused work, desk-based was the most popular work activity, with 91% saying they felt adequately supported, compared to only…Read More»

Best Home Office Chairs Dublin

Best Home Office Ergonomic Chairs 2020

    Your office chair is has most likely become one of the most important objects in your life right now. Considering  81% of us spend on average 4 to 9 hours a day seated at our desks. The way we sit will start to effect our comfort, concentration and well being throughout the day, even if we are consciously aware of it or not.  There are a few things that you should take into consideration to find the ideal chair for your space. Harvey Kempton, a desk chair specialist suggests considering these factors:  – Start from the beginning, what…Read More»