1. Best Home Office Ergonomic Chairs 2020

    20 July 2020:  

        Your office chair is has most likely become one of the most important objects in your life right now. Considering  81% of us spend on average 4 to 9 hours a day seated at our desks. The way we sit will start to effect our comfort, concentration and well being throughout the day, even if we are consciously aware of it or not.  There are a few things that you should take into consideration to find the ideal chair for your space. Harvey Kempton, a desk chair specialist suggests considering these factors:  – Start from the beginning, what…Read More»

  2. Creating Safe And Healthy Spaces in The Workplace

    30 June 2020:  

          DURABLE, RESPONSIBLE AND HEALTHY  Creating a workplace that is healthy and durable is the responsible thing to do for any company who is planning to have their employees return to work post Covid-19.  Taking this into consideration it is about designing and decorating with a long-term mindset so that your employees and any company visitors can find that they are in a safe environment.    IDEAS ON HOW TO CREATE SAFE SPACES IN THE OFFICE        HOW TO USE SCREENS AND DIVIDERS  Creating individual work stations and dividing your spaces into individual work zones is…Read More»

  3. Establishing a Covid-19 return to work plan: Ireland

    28 May 2020:  

    This is a brief overview of the legal landscape and several considerations for employees to take into account. With the government suggesting that the relaxation of lockdown measures and any return to work will be gradual and implemented on a phased basis. We have already begun to see similar approaches being taken in other countries that are ahead of Ireland in taking such steps.

  4. Post Covid-19 : Making The Workplace Safe Again

    30 June 2020:  

    What changes do you need to make to the workplace to make it safe for your employees to return after the coronavirus crisis?

    Inspired by a world-leading architectural studio’s future vision for workplaces and the concrete changes introduced by a global corporation, we want to share some ideas for how you can make your workplace safer for employees.

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