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Canteen Seating

RBM Noor

RBM Noor is a contemporary classic that marks a new beginning in vitalising spaces and relations. A collection of canteen chairs and conference chairs adding vitality to working spaces, sociable places…Read More»

RBM Bella

RBM Bella RBM Bella is true flexibility. A chair that can be used in all circumstances and in any company. In a conference hall or around a canteen table. Clean,…Read More»


RBM Ana A lot of chair for your money. RBM Ana is one of our most popular chairs and furnishes assembly halls, canteens, meeting rooms and cafeterias throughout the Nordic…Read More»

The Hammerhead Chair by BoFA

The Hammerhead chair is an expressive and unique chair, with it’s silouette emulating that of a Hammerhead Shark. The design is minimal but sophisticated. When sitting the user will be…Read More»

Pedrali Tweet

Tweet chair and armchair was conceived from the desire of creating a rational piece of furniture suitable to be placed even in the most characteristic spaces, respecting their style. Tweet is…Read More»

Pedrali Miss you

Canteen Chairs Miss You, developed by Pedrali, is a comfortable dining chair that is ideal for hospitality and residential use. Pedrali Miss You canteen chairs are stackable chair in polycarbonate….Read More»

Pedrali Kuadra

Stackable Canteen Chairs Kuadra is a stackable polycarbonate chair designed by Pedrali. Pedrali Kuadra canteen chairs are available in two colors: white or ivory. The chairs have a chromed steel…Read More»

Pedrali Ice

The Pedrali Ice chair with polypropylene shell, UV ray resistant. Colours available: orange, green, red, ivory, brown, anthracite grey, blue and black. The legs in anodized aluminium tube diameter mm…Read More»

Pedrali Gossip

Pedrali Gossip Armchair in moulded injected polycarbonate, without any interference of other materials. Clear transparent or glossy full colour version. Incredibly resistant, Gossip offers a high level of comfort thanks…Read More»

Pedrali Gliss

Contemporary Canteen Chairs Pedrali Gliss is a technopolymer chair with multilayer composite plastic material shell. The canteen chair has a chromed coated steel tube frame diam. mm 16. The colourful…Read More»

Pedrali Frida

Pedrali Frida is a chair that embodies sophisticated technology and represents a landmark in woodworking.  An impressive chair which would look great as canteen seating. The most remarkable factor is…Read More»

Pedrali Feel

Pedrali Feel, a contemporary style canteen and restaurant chair, with traditional shapes made of oak wood, with solid wood legs and the back in sandwich panel. The armrests are the…Read More»

Pedrali Daydream

An ergonomic shape for the Pedrali Day Dream with polycarbonate injected shell. Day Dream, the best contract chair of the year 2006, with round steel tube frame diam. mm 16,…Read More»

Pedrali Ara

Pedrali Ara is a polypropylene moulded chair rein­forced with glass fibres, stackable and suita­ble for both indoors and outdoors. The upper part of back structure forms a big handle for…Read More»

Allemuir Curve

Curve by Pearson Lloyd utilises 3D ply forming technology to achieve an extremely curvaceous and elegant form offering a high level of comfort and shape, without compromising on style and…Read More»

Aeris Oyo

Aeris Oyo – The Chair The Oyo Chair from Aeris offers a myriad of sitting positions, therefore it is an ideal solution to open plan offices where employees share workstations….Read More»

Ergonomic Design Stylish Solutions

We focus on future trends in the office environment, not focusing only on what is being done currently.We create stylish work environments but not at the cost of functional, flexible and employee focused spaces.

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