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Acoustic Pods

Haven Pods by Norde

Open Plan Acoustic Pods If you are looking for privacy within a busy workplace environment, then Senator Haven Pods is the perfect choice. Senator Haven Pods includes acoustic desks panels and…Read More»

Acoustic Breakout Pods by Gävle

Acoustic Breakout Pods Acoustic seating pod dressed in fabric of your choice with matching piping. The acoustic seating pod is designed to absorb sounds and offers a place for a…Read More»

Acoustic Pod BuzziBooth

BuzziBooth – Acoustic Booth BuzziBooth, developed by BuzziSpace and designed by Alain Gilles, is an acoustic booth that offers a peaceful place to work or make a quick phone call….Read More»

Acoustic BuzziHood

BuzziHood – Acoustic hood for Telephone BuzziHood, designed by famous designer Alain Gilles, is an acoustic hood that you can hang on the wall to create an acoustic phone booth….Read More»

Acoustic Pod BuzziHive

Acoustic Pods BuzziHive is an acoustic pod inspired by train compartments providing a hub for a private two to three people meeting room but still maintaining contact with the surroundings….Read More»

Acoustic Booth BuzziHub Open

BuzziHub Open Acoustic Pod BuzziHub Open is an acoustic pod, with a lounge-like seating enclosed within a three-walled environment. BuzziHub Open creates a place where you can make yourself comfortable…Read More»

Acoustic Pod BuzziTwist

Acoustic Screens BuzziTwist is an acoustic screen to create a soundproof area where you can relax or do your work. You can use acoustic screens and soundproof screens designed by…Read More»

Acoustic Standalone Meeting Room Cube by Gävle

Description Includes walls, screens and doors to divide workplaces or build an acoustic meeting room in offices. The acoustic focus room uses interior walls with different combinations of screens and…Read More»

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We focus on future trends in the office environment, not focusing only on what is being done currently.We create stylish work environments but not at the cost of functional, flexible and employee focused spaces.

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