We help companies understand their employee requirements and provide Beautiful Furniture to create spaces that are both functional and comfortable.

Acoustic Desk Screens

Acoustic Desk Privacy Screen from Floor by Jürgensens

Developed by Jürgensens. The company specializes in acoustic screens and maximizing workspace as a response to the global trends of open spaces and smaller work surfaces. To address noise pollution in…Read More»

Acoustic Stand Alone Desk Screen with Power Modules by Gävle

Stand Alone Desk Screen with Power Modules by Gävle, is a sound-absorbing floor-screen that reduces disturbing sounds in open space offices. The acoustic freestanding desk screen, available in three different…Read More»

Acoustic Desktop Screen BuzziDesk

BuzziDesk Offers safeguard your privacy at work with a divider screen for your desk. BuzziDesk keeps out your colleagues’ irritating telephone or computer sounds as well. It is easy to…Read More»

Acoustic Screening Partitions BuzziVille

BuzziVille Offers modular office furniture system designed to accommodate collaboration and Acoustic Screens for Desk.  BuzziVille provides you with all the necessary components to shape your ideal working quarter. BuzziVille…Read More»

Ergonomic Design Stylish Solutions

We focus on future trends in the office environment, not focusing only on what is being done currently.We create stylish work environments but not at the cost of functional, flexible and employee focused spaces.

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