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Acoustic Ceiling Solutions

Acoustic Ceiling Overhang by Jürgensens

Jürgensens Hangover acoustic panel : Coat your ceiling or wall with acoustic panels or Acoustic ceiling tiles in the form of a cloud. The clouds are filled with acoustic material…Read More»

Skylence Acoustic Ceiling Panels by Jürgensens

Skylence, a sound absorbing wall and ceiling panel for sound in the upper frequency range (500 Hz and above). The acoustic printed ceiling tiles are available laminated with fabric and…Read More»

Acoustic Ceiling Panels by Jürgensens

Jürgensens panels are developed to maximize sound absorption. Acoustic horizontal screens has a wooden frame filled with A-classed sound absorbing material and is coated with a foam laminated fabric. It is also…Read More»

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles by Gävle

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles are ceiling-suspended absorbents to hang above or between workplaces. There are three different mounting options depending on the design of the workplace. Acoustic Ceiling Baffles has very…Read More»

Acoustic Ceiling Lights by Gävle

Acoustic Ceiling Lights by Gävle is like a onepiece in the open offices, in the conference room, several hanging from a high ceiling of the hotel lobby or over the…Read More»

Acoustic Ceiling Overhangs by Gävle

Acoustic Ceiling Overhangs are a high-absorbing wall absorbent with rounded borders and shapes. The fabric is nailed to the solid body with high quality and precision. Suspension is easy with…Read More»

Acoustic Ceiling Donut

BuzziDonut, a sound-insulating panel designed by BuzziSpace to make your life better, not only just light up your room but also improve the acoustic qualities of the space. If you…Read More»

Acoutic Ceiling BuzziGrid

BuzziGrid, a sound buffer designed to limit the echo in a room, is made of an eco-friendly material and is the perfect solution if you are looking for acoustic ceiling…Read More»

Acoustic Ceiling BuzziLand

BuzziLand, developed by BuzziSpace, is an insulating panel with a stylish design to dampen sounds in any room. The acoustic ceiling foam tiles can be suspended from your office ceiling…Read More»

Acoustic Ceiling BuzziLights

BuzziLight The BuzziLight is an acoustic lampshade that was designed by Sas Adriaenssens to be an eye-catching piece. It functions as ceiling acoustics or the floor floor acoustics.  It is made up…Read More»

Acoustic Ceiling BuzziLoose

Acoustic Hanging Ceiling Panels Open office spaces can be noisy and frequently reverberate. This leads to distraction which does little to empower diligent work can effect comfort within the workspace….Read More»

Acoustic Ceiling BuzziWings

BuzziWings are acoustic ceiling panels that are designed to partition large open spaces acoustically and optically. If you are looking for acoustic ceiling solutions for large open spaces in your…Read More»

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